Let’s Talk… Drive-Thru Cray

Might have lost it a little bit today in the drive-thru. But SERIOUSLY! Why bother calling it fast food if it takes 20 minutes?

I just don’t have the patience sometimes for it. I’m on the go because I don’t have time to make food hence why I’m there!

I get it, really I do. Trying to please everyone in a restaurant is damn near impossible, but we all lose it when we’re starving!

I just simply asked why it took so long. No real answer because it doesn’t matter – it ALWAYS takes that long. Hence, why I rarely go there!

DO NOT make me pull up to wait. Really a thing of fries takes 20 minutes?! Ain’t nobody got time for that! That would never be happening in any kitchen I’ve ever worked in.

What happened with you in the drive-thru? Tweet me @Elistab

This girl COMPLETELY lost it! No one wants to mess with her nuggets!

Check out her chicken nugget rampage!


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