BUBBA SHOW: Melanie’s Mom Reads Our Hate Emails

We get hate emails.  Honest.  We know you know it.  People usually send them to Bubba.  bubba@starpittsburgh.com or You can send it to Shellley or I too.  shelley@starpittsburgh.com  or  send them to me at melanie@starpittsburgh.com

So, once a month my Mom comes on the air to read our hate emails and dissect them or us.  She does it SO extremely nice it is amazing.

She is a retired English and Speech teacher and the NICEST Italian Mom you can find out there!

So, why not have her read them? She makes it all better. I call her my MA! So, Bubba and Shelley call her MA too!

Listen to it here!

Hate Email

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