Miley Cyrus on SNL: Government Shutdown, “Wrecking Ball” and Her Tongue



press image crop 3 pr Miley Cyrus on SNL: Government Shutdown, Wrecking Ball and Her Tongue

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By Shane Barnes

After more than a month of media proliferation so impressive it will be studied in public relations classes for years to come, Miley Cyrus’ Saturday Night Live gig as host and musical guest has finally arrived. And, typical of most SNL events these days, it was a mixed bag. In keeping with the spirit of Miley, let’s reduce this to headlines:

Miley Pokes Tongue at VMA performance, Confronts Hannah Montana past:

The cold-open this week was a flash-forward to a homeless Kenan Thompson in the year 2045, expounding on the fact that Miley’s VMA awards show performance caused the partial government shutdown, which in turn caused the End of Days. The real takeaway from these awkward few minutes of tongue poking and posing is the reminder that the Disney Channel started all of this.

And also, maybe, that Miley is not full of it when she insists she knows what she’s doing.

Miley Proves She can Still Sing, Wears Oversized ‘POISON’ Jersey:

The parts of the show that will be least talked about will probably be Miley’s performances, and that’s a shame. Lately her music has taken a backseat to her image, but what I think we’ve all forgotten is that, as seen in her performance of “Wrecking Ball,” girl can sing. I’m no lover of Miley’s music, but this performance sold me on the strength of this song.

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