Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Leaves Karen In Tears

Karen has that feeling that her boyfriend Ed is not being faithful to her. So, what happens? She contacts Bubba Show. It happens. Yes. Women contact Bubba and bubba@starpittsburgh.com if they want to try and catch their boyfriend in the act.

This is the part that is hard. I play the credit card rewards person and try to entice the man to commit to send lingerie to a woman. Hoping he picks the RIGHT woman!

Well, Karen said she passed a local eatery in the South Hills and saw his car there when he was supposed to be somewhere else.

Some of the things Ed says on the phone is this.

“No, I’m not interested and there is NO one I want to send free lingerie to.”
Karen said “I don’t believe you, I saw your car and I believe you lied to me.”
Ed then says “This is exactly the problem with you Karen, this happens all the time with you.

It gets more heated. Listen here. Karen ends up crying. Bubba then ends up asking her some tough questions about what she did.

Lingerie Or Leave Him

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