E-List: Last Minute Costume Ideas

It is awkward if you show up and are the only dressed up, however it is MORE AWKWARD being the only one NOT dressed up. Who are you?!!! Myself. No one. Oh. About that. Made that mistake once ( I was dressed up) they were not.

Check out these awesome last minute costume ideas here!

More here!

Need some kids costumes? Check these quick fix costumes here! You don’t want to be that kid who didn’t dress up.

Own a pair of cowboy boots and hat? Come on I know all of you fake Kenny fans out there have some of that! BAM! Cowgirl!

A pair of glasses? I know you have those dork! or shall I say hipster geek!

Are you dressing up at work tomorrow? My co-workers have no idea what is about to hit them tomorrow!

Tweet me your halloween costume pix! @Elistab


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