Bubba Show Warning: We Ruin Childhood Stories For You

Well, as I do every morning, I look online and read certain sites to prepare for Bubba Show.  We look over a lot of show prep material that we can talk about on the air.

I stumbled upon this story today.  It truly traumatized me.  I was a child.  I am a Mom.  So, these stories I grew up reading and NOW read my kids from Disney aren’t all that they are supposed to be.  Or so it goes.

You may have heard about all this over the years.  This is new to me.

Supposedly, the original Brothers Grimm stories of some of your most beloved Disney stories aren’t so beloved.  UGH!

Cinderella’s evil step sisters cut her toes off?  WHAT?

How about Copper in The Fox And The Hound dying because he is so old he has to be shot and that is the ending!  I’m crushed over this.  My first DOG was named Copper over this movie.  Sniff.  Sniff.

How about Sleeping Beauty?  The Prince takes her to bed (and has his way with her against her will) then leaves her and comes back and tries to be with her and is STILL married!

Geez.  Do you want to read more?  See about Tangled, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio and more!  Would you like to ruin you Wednesday?  Here ya go.  Read it all here.

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