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E-List: Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

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Prince George of Cambridge (photo credit: JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images)

Prince George of Cambridge (photo credit: JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images)

OOOO baby, it’s back!

The MOST POPULAR – like totally you’re cool popular only if you have one of these names – baby names of 2013.


7. Lily, Jaden

6. Ava, Mason (Mason Disick maybe have something to do with that?)

5. Mia, Noah

4. Isabella, Lucas

3. Olivia, Liam ( YOU KNOW that’s all Liam Hemsworth right there! I mean who wouldn’t want their son to grow up looking like him?!)

2. Emma, Aiden

1. Sophia, Jackson … I AM FO REEEEEAL!

Click here to see if you or your baby name made the cut!

I used to get so mad when I couldn’t buy anything in the store with my name on it. I can remember sending away Lucky Charms boxes so I could have my own pencils. So I know I’m not making this list anytime soon.

However, I did see someone in my hometown named one of their twin daughters Elista and I got pretty excited! It’s the little things.

Did your name or baby’s name make the cut?

~ @Elistab

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