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Let’s Talk… Christmas Trees! Real OR Fake?!

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My Christmas tree thinks he's cool...

My Christmas tree thinks he’s cool…

Elista Elista
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Turkey goes down. TREE goes up! I asked my friend Kiley today if she puts up a real or fake Christmas tree and her response… “WE DON’T PUT ONE UP! Haven’t for years!”

Are you kidding me?!

Okay Mr. Grinch!

I WISH I could put up a real Christmas tree!

Allergies are the death of me. I’m fine with it anyway because no one wants “one of those trees where all the needles fall off” Am I right?!

What type of tree do you have up in your pad?!

Tweet me a pic of your Christmas tree with the #ShowMeYourTree @Elistab and take the poll below…

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