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E-List: The Gifts you WISH you had

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Elista Elista
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Sure you’re thankful for what you received for this year but there’s always SOMETHING you wish you had under your tree!

E-LIST: #The gifts you WISH you would’ve received!

#7. Justin Timberlake… and or any sexy single male because you’re single

#6. An engagement! Come on man grow some snowballs and ask!

#5. Your family around you for Christmas… well we can’t all travel 5 states! You end up fighting anyways!

#4. A new car preferably a Lexus and or Mercedes… well we can keep dreaming!

#3. A new hubby/wife… well you have one that’s more than others.

#2. A new job. hey a lot of people don’t have those! be thankful!

#1. Money honey! $$$ More money that is!

Tweet me what you wish you would have received! @Elistab

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