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Let’s Talk… Awkward Gifts

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@elistab Instagram

@elistab Instagram

There is always one gift every year that someone opens and it instantly becomes EXTREMELY AWKWARD! Now my family is kinda used to this and we really do not get offended by much but there are still times when it gets awkward.

My Aunt for example was opening up something from a certain sporting goods store so naturally I had to yell what I thought might have been in there ;) I’ll give you a hint that corporate store might be around here.

Christmas Eve came around and opened up a lot of lingerie! Some that I happened to have left behind at my relatives. That was awkward. I gave them cred though, that was good!

Another piece of lingerie I opened up was from Santa and I don’t think he realized what type of eye patch that was! Let’s just say it was not G-rated!

What awkward gift did you open up this year? Tweet me @Elistab

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