E-LIST: Things That Should Stay in 2013

From “What Does The Fox Say?” to your crazy ex I think we should leave all of this behind in 2013 and move on…

E-LIST: #Things that should stay in 2013

#7. Kimye gossip.. they need to go away for a little bit…

But did you SEE what Kanye gave Kim for Christmas?! About that…

#6. Twerking… I’m not completely against this however the twerking videos need to stop.

We blame it all on you Miley!

#5. The Harlem Shakethat was fun for a little bit…

#4. The Steeler season… I know we beat the brownies on Sunday and we almost made the playoffs but come on we need a team that can make those…

#3. Justin Bieber retiringmaybe he should after his movie “Believe” tanked then again that empire might not last forever so do it for your beliebers… and quit the bad behavior. Let’s not use the mop bucket as our personal bathroom…

#2. Miley Cyrus and her tongue… see what all she licked in 2013 here!

#1. I love me some “selfies” but the “selfie” overload is what needs to stop. We don’t need to see what you look like everyday nor do we need you complaining about how ugly you are or how much your life sucks. It doesn’t. We see you you’re fine. Enough with the “facies” as my Uncle says.

What do you want to see left behind in 2013?! Tweet me! #EList w/ @ElistaB

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    Let’s leave all this behind… and your ex.

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