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Melanie’s Free Fridays With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

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Melanie Melanie Taylor
Grew up in Western PA in the Mon Valley in Monessen. Live in Belle...
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The New Year is here!  Thanks to Bubba Show friend Dana Vento who is Pittsburgh Frugal Mom that gives us great deals and savings!  Check out her amazing website here.

Time now to get your finances in order after the new year.  Start grabbing that loose change and saving it! Look for it in your cars, couch cushions, purses, ashtrays, coats etc.  Go to your local COINSTAR kiosk at Giant Eagle stores.  Did you know you can get money for that change and you can also get eGifts or Gift cards.  Choosing a gift card gives you a no fee service and money to spend at the place of your choice or pay .10 on each dollar and cash in for Cold Hard Cash.

How about you need to now stock up on groceries!  Don’t clip coupons when you can use them on your smart phone!  They can be automatically be deducted from your grocery bills.  You can register your Store loyalty cards at their certain stores and load eCoupons right to your cards, this way when you are shopping and buying items they are automatically deducting the savings and you are ALREADY saving money in the new year!

How about this great app!  Get the SavingStar app.  You can register those stores you shop in that are available.  Every time you redeem a coupon the cash will then drop into a Paypal, Amazon or Rewards cards.  You can reach your monetary level and then begin to SAVE!

We are not affiliated with any of these events, apps, or websites.  We just like to pass along the FREE and savings!  Enjoy!


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