Web Junk: Conan & His Interns

If you have ever interned anywhere you know how fun and other times not very exciting it can be. For the most part my experiences were always AWESOME! Hence why I want you to come intern with me and we can make it even crazier up in here!

Sometimes you can have super awkward run ins with higher ups you have never met before. Other times you might catch yourself on a field with a concussion (true story). Internships can be up and down for many so this video of Conan hanging with his interns might describe what you went through. Shout out to my friend Evan who used to intern for the station Kelly and I worked at in State College!

Watch him shine in this video!

P.S. I won’t break your pencils if you intern for me. Get all the details here and feel free to get at me on “The Twitter” too… @ElistaB


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