E-List: Signs You’re OVER Winter

Well who isn’t over winter yet? Snowmen? It’s hard not to complain about the weather especially when you look forward to highs in the 30’s and 40’s!

E-List: Signs You’re OVER Winter

#7. You get excited when the snow melts but the next day… blizzard. Then you realize it’s not going away.

#6. Everyone is grumpy. You don’t see people in California this hostile. Everyone seems skinny and happy. Just not enough endorphins from the sun over here…

#5. The thought of escaping to Mexico or someplace warm has crossed your mind multiple times. For me it’s every day. See ya in Florida!

#4. You stay inside and never wanna come out. Especially the shower.

#3. You dread waking up to put layer after layer on…

#2. When you get ice/snow in your glove boots or anywhere on your body you get instantly enraged…

#1. You CAN’T quit bitching complaining about it!

Hopefully Punxsutawney Phil has some good news for us in store on Super Bowl
Groundhog Day! Follow me to see if I see my shadow Sunday morning… @ElistaB if I do that means you can go back to bed until the Super Bowl starts. Read more signs in “Frozen” style here!


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