Lingerie Or Leave Him: Amanda Can NOT Believe What She Hears Josh Say

Another Thursday that brings drama! Bubba got an email from Amanda ( claiming that Josh her boyfriend HAD to be cheating on her. She found food/restaurant receipts that he had been hiding and that was a BIG indicator to her.
She also told us she just simply has female intuition and just FEELS he is cheating. She also saw a card from a woman named Nicole. That was another red flag.

So, listen here to what goes down. Poor Amanda has to endure what Josh says and does.
Josh is VERY inquisitive about the FREE rewards and credit card points. He asks me 900 questions. After a lot of explanation, Josh takes the bait and gives us a name for the FREE lingerie gift.

Lingerie Or Leave Him

Hear the rest here now:

Lingerie Or Leave Him

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