E-List: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Let’s face it, the stores are picked over for cards and you still haven’t figured out what you’re getting your valentine so try something else…

Nothing like waiting till the last minute! A little procrastination just needs some procaffeination or…


#7. Gift cards. You can’t go wrong with these. They get to pick out exactly what they want.

#6. Whip out some macaroni and construction paper… BAM! Homemade card. Made with love. Anything you make and put a little effort into will work really. Need some DIY ideas? Check some out here!

#5. 3 words: Breakfast.in.bed. Don’t forget the bacon bouquet!

#4. Stock them up w/ their favorite things. Not quite like Oprah but THEIR absolutel fav of everything! Example: wint-o-green mints, baby lips chapstick, vodka.

#3. Speaking of booze, their favorite bottle! Bottoms up. This is a win-win. There is always the booze bouquet too…

#2. Go on an adventurerandomly drive to a new city, get a room, and don’t come back till you have to.

#1. Surprise them! Any sort of surprise. Show up at work and take them to lunch, pre-pay some bills. A surprise when they least expect it can be the best way to show you truly care about someone.

I’ll be over here waiting for a surprise… Thank you for the card Mom & Dad😉 @ElistaB


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