E-List: Activities That SHOULD Be Olympic Sports

“So many activities” should be in the Olympics including sleeping in! And it’s after noon…

E-LIST: Activities that should be Olympic Sports

#7. Eating only ONE CHIP. Impossible.

#6. Getting outta bed! Especially when hungover or drinking and then NOT getting hungover. Working hard on that one.

#5. Cleaning anything. I gotta be in the mood, then look out!

#4. Making a dentist appointment and then actually going to it on time. 2:30!😉 Been meaning to make one of these for awhile now.

#3. Fitting into jeans… skinny jeans. This is why I don’t wear pants.

#2. Putting up with people. And all their bull all day… let it out.

#1. Taking selfies! For me it’s on snapchat all day.

Check out more activities here and Olympic athletes participating in “Snack Olympics

If you could win an Olympic gold medal in ANYTHING what would it be in? I’d be down for tweeting… ~ @ElistaB


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