Interview: Shakira Says Rihanna Is ‘Just Like the Girl Next Door’

By Courtney E. Smith

Shakira has been making waves again. Her collaboration with Rihanna on her single “Can’t Remember to Forget You” has generated a lot of interest — especially the music video — for it’s clothing (or lack thereof) and the titillating relationship between this unexpected duo.

Shakira talked to Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP in Los Angeles (a station) about the experience. And while anyone who follows Rihanna on Instagram knows she keeps it really real, the last thing anyone expected to hear about here was the first thing out of Shakira’s mouth.

“She’s just like the girl next door and she is really, I think, the sexiest woman I’ve seen,” Shakira said. “Hands down, because I can be sexy, but you have to give me a countdown. Like, ‘Shakira, be sexy. 3, 2, 1. Go!’ You know? But she’s sexy all the time…She’s so cool and mellow….Also, so down to earth. That’s nice, to work with someone, because it is intimidating to working with a diva, you know, someone who is so, so successful. You never know how they’re going to be.”

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It’s probably the first and last time anyone will refer to Rihanna as “the girl next door” but we get the jist. Shakira admitted she had to ask her husband for permission before she shot the risqué video and joked that she won’t be able to shoot any more videos with men so now we can expect all of her love scenes to be sapphic.

Shakira also addresses her return to The Voice, her history as a rock chick and writing a Nashville song that she got Blake Shelton to duet with her on for her new album. Listen to the full interview on 97.1 AMP.


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