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Man In A Box: Flick Is Crazy

by Flick
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Man in a Box
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For the last month since I’ve been telling friends, family, strangers that I plan on spending 3 days living in a box to raise awareness for homelessness in our fair city.


“Crazy.” – That’s usually their first response. Knee jerk. Straight off the top of the head. Why does that bother me?

I sat long and hard trying to figure out why that word bothers me in reference to what we’re doing. I figured it out. You’re wrong. It’s not “crazy.” In fact, even though I’m terrified, it’s one of the more rational things I can think to do.

…and I am. Terrified. I’m terrified of not being about to stumble through my kitchen in the morning to make a fresh pot of coffee. Taking a nap with my pup when I get home. Throwing my jeans in the dryer to get the “one day funk” out of them before work. Running to grab a burger is pretty tough…without money or a car.

I’ve met political science majors, skilled craftsmen, those who have served our country. All in the past month. All at one point on their own and homeless. Had I met them a year ago in the situation they were in, with the way I viewed the world back then, I probably would’ve kept walking … and I know better. I always have.

Something else I’ve thought a lot about is why I want to do this “crazy” thing…

For me.

I love every minute of what I get to do for a living, but this business has also given me a few hard times. I’ve been laid off twice for reasons that neither had anything to do with me or my performance. I’ve never felt a crushing blow like that. Some days I wondered if I was getting off the couch. I have a lot of friends who have gone through it. So do you.

How easy with one wrong move, decision or situation would it have been for me to end up under the Liberty Bridge? How easy would that be for any of us?

Let’s not pretend I’m doing anything heroic. I’m sitting in a box in a public setting Downtown for 3 days. At night I’ll be sleeping at one of The Salvation Army’s many shelters around the city…and I’m terrified. Which I’m ashamed of.

This isn’t about me. This is about your sister, brother, best friend, aunt, uncle…this is about all of us.

What we’re trying to accomplish isn’t “crazy” because this is how some people have to live.

Our friends and family could be living this way.


Click here to see photos from both inside and outside the box at Man In A Box.


Read real-life stories of people helped by the Salvation Army. Click here.


Watch Flick as he lives in a box at PPG Place to raise awareness of homelessness in Western PA. Click here to watch.

Please Help

Please join The Salvation Army on the front lines of compassion, fighting the good fight against despair. Your contribution is an investment in futures, because what it ultimately provides is a sense of hope for those who have none.

Donate Online

Our goal is to help the Salvation Army raise $10,000 to help the homeless in Western Pennsylvania. Please help us reach that goal. Click here to donate online.

Text to Donate

Text GIVEPGH to 80888 to make a $10 donation to The Salvation Army*. $10 will provide 3 hot meals to a homeless person.
*You will receive a confirmation text back.

Learn More About Man In A Box – Click Here

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