E-List: Pittsburgh Oscar Movies

It’s another big awards show weekend! Sunday is the big night for the Oscars and since we’ll all be snowed in “might as well” tune in and catch Ellen DeGeneres hosting.
It’s bound to be good. Here’s hoping Leo finally wins an Oscar or they just make a movie about him never winning an Oscar and give the guy who plays Leo one.

If the Oscar-nominated films were Pittsburgh themed here is what they might be called to win a little gold man… Because Pittsburgh is better than Nebraska.

E-LIST: #PittsburghOscarMovies

#7. 12 Years a Yinzer (12 years a slave)

#6. The Shame of Carson Street (the wolf of wall street)

#5. The Market Square (The Square)

#4. Gravity … what happens after eating a Primanti brothers sandwich

#3. Forever Frozen (Frozen) especially Sunday into Monday! Look out!

#2. Captain Crosby (Captain Phillips)

#1. 20 feet from making it to the World Series (20 feet from stardom) that one is a little rough I apologize…

What do you got?! Hit me up on the twitter #PittsburghOscarMovies @ElistaB


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