Web Junk: Wine & Beer Coming to Starbucks

May I have a Venti Cabernet?! You sure can! AHHH! Starbucks is no longer going to be a place for a quick caffeine fix, but a happy hour, beer-thru, boozing-loving spot!

Need a pick me up in the afternoon? How about a beer?! Yes! Starbucks is going to be offering wine and beer in the afternoon. It’s already happening in Seattle and soon should spread to thousands of stores across the country. That’s right your favorite barista might become your new bartender!

Starbucks is also planning on coming out with a few side dishes to go along with your new drink choices. Check out what you should expect from the booze menu here!

Here is the evening menu for Chicago, LA, Seattle, Portland, and Atlanta! So if you’re on the road make a stop at one of these “Starbucks evenings locations” and let me know how it is!

So stoked for this! However knowing PA and our commonwealth laws who knows if this will happen anytime soon for us!

~ @ElistaB


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