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E-LIST: Things Women Do That Men Don’t Know About

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(Photo: GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo: GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

This list of “things men do women don’t know about” was trending on the Twitter last week and someone decided to make this list “20 Things Women Do That Men Probably Don’t Know” so here are mine…

E-LIST: Things Women Do That Men Don’t Know About

#7. Have credit cards to various stores… a lot of them that you might not have known she even shops at!

#6. Wear the same bra multiple times before washing it… give it a sniff check if it’s good you’re good to go!

#5. When in love never wash the pillows, or anything they were laying on…yeah we get creepy too.

#4. Name our bosoms! (You & Wish) You’ve probably done it too…

#3. Cry for no reason & watch ourselves to see if we “ugly cry” Kim K style

#2. Let that leg hair grow until you think you might get some action…

#1. Their true “number” of people they’ve been with… you don’t want her to know either! If you don’t know take the purity test here to find out your sex #!

What things do you do that your man doesn’t know about?! ~ @ElistaB

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