EList: Things You Can’t Do But NEED To When Driving

If you drive these things will make you go UHH! I KNOW!

E-LIST: Things You Can’t Do But NEED To When Driving

#7. Pick a wedgiecue Sisqo!

#6. BLOW your nose. We all know you can pick it, we see you digging for treasure on the parkway! However how well can you well not to quote Idina Menzel but let it go?!

#5. Itch the bottom of your right foot… then you’re stuck in this super awkward position! Your right foot is squeezed up to your chest trying to reach to scratch it meanwhile your left foot is trying to stay on the gas and you’re praying you don’t need to use the brake… and pushing your foot on the brake pad doesn’t quite get it… what a mess. You’re a mess when this happens!

#4. Sneeze! THIS IS THE SCARIEST THING EVER!!! Not to mention impossible not to close your eyes so might as well pump the brakes.

#3. Snapchat… I know it’s hard not to pick up that phone and belt it out

#2. Change your clothes… my friend is known for changing her pants behind the wheel… look out she drives a black… ahh I hope you see her!

#1. When you gotta go you gotta go… if you can do this while driving you have SERIOUS skill!

Don’t try these ^ behind the wheel. Just pull over. ~ @ElistaB


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