Web Junk: What Happened to the Person Responsible for Tweeting That Graphic US Airways Photo

INCYMI this super graphic NSFW picture was tweeted out “accidentally” by US Airways in response to an unhappy customer. Of course the internet went to town with responses! I’m warning you that pic will scar you for life!

So now that we can never look at a plane the same way again you would assume the person responsible for sending out the tweet would likely not be working for US Airways? WRONG! They were not fired!

“It was an honest mistake. It was in an attempt to flag the tweet as inappropriate,” spokesman Matt Miller told the Daily News. “We captured it, flagged it as inappropriate.”

Shocked they still have a job! Are you? That’s pretty cray they got away with it. I just hope I never get drunk and tweet inappropriate pix… ~ @ElistaB


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