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The Situation: Man-gagement Ring

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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The man-gagement ring. A ring one proud man “rocks” that lets the world know he’s off the market. I’ve heard of these but never thought guys would actually be down to wear one! Well this guy is ready to wear one, but would you or your fiancee/ soon-to-be fiancee/boyfriend?

Overall the idea of it I think is pretty cute. It’s a great way for guys to show off THEIR engagement too! HE’S TAKEN! Back off! Also a nice reminder of the eternal commitment you’re about to or have already made. I love this idea. Guys rocking a rocking now that’s a little much, but the band thing, I could work with.

Even Michael Buble rocks a mangagement ring!

Would you want your man to wear one? Guys would you mind wearing one? I’m down with it as long as mine is bigger ;)
~ @ElistaB

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