Lingerie Or Leave Him: Bubba Show & Julia Get Shocked By Sean’s Response

Bubba got the email this week from Julia that she felt her boyfriend Sean was pulling away and avoiding her lately.  Her paranoia set in and she emailed Bubba and

So, I played Natalie and called up Sean to pretend like I was the credit card company asking him to send someone flowers.

Well, Shelley, Bubba, me and even his girlfriend Julia screamed LOUDLY after Sean started in on the conversation.

But, it starts with this:

Sean says “You know you called me at work.” He also says, “You know your company should not be soliciting calls to businesses.” And he says this which scares us! “I tend to pursue this and go after your business and seek legal action.” I quoted that last statement because I was THAT worried since I do NOT like doing this.

So, this is what happens next to make us all scream. Ugh!

Listen to it all here.

Lingerie Or Leave Him

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