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Bubba Show Bluff: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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Bubba's Cricket Wireless Phone
Melanie Taylor Melanie Taylor
  Grew up in Western PA in the Mon...
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Each weekday at 9:20 we do Bubba Show Bluff and one of us (me, Shelley or Bubba) is lying!

If you know the liar today call into Flick & Kelly at 4:20pm and tell them.  You guess which one of us is lying today and you will win a $50 dollar American Express gift card.

Pretty sweet gift heading into the weekend and even for Mom’s day!

So, which one of us is lying.  Read our statements here:


Melanie:  I travel 52 miles round trip to work daily.

Shelley:  Both of my daughters have the same middle name.

Bubba:  Last night I lost cable, phone and internet because I suck.


Which one of us is lying?



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