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Bubba Show Bluff Friday, May 9, 2014

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Let’s start your weekend great!  Maybe get you that $50 American Express gift card for Mother’s day weekend.

Bubba Show Bluff is Monday-Friday 9:20am.  One of us is lying.  You have to guess which one of us is lying.  Is it Bubba, Shelley or me?

Call Flick and Kelly at 4:20pm and guess which one of us is lying to win that $50 dollar American Express gift card.

Here are today’s statements:


Bubba: While awake your brain generates enough power (in wattage) to power 3 light bulbs.

Melanie: Jay Z signed Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown to Roc Nation Sports.

Shelley: The highest possible score you can get in a game of bowling without even throwing a strike is 190.


Which one is the liar today?

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