Bubba Show Bluff: Monday, May 12, 2014

So, Monday-Friday you can play the Bubba Show Bluff!  We do it at 9:20am!  Which one of us is lying today?  Bubba?  Shelley?  Melanie?

When you think you know you can call into Flick & Kelly at 4:20pm and tell them!  If you are right you win this week Lady Antebellum tickets for the August 23rd show at First Niagra Pavilion.

Pretty easy right?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Look here at today’s statements.


Melanie: Google started in 1998.

Shelley:  The planet that has the tallest mountains is Earth.

Bubba: Pittsburgh ranks 3rd in the US for people who walk to work every day.

Which one of us is lying today?  Hmmmm.. You can win those Lady A tickets!  Good luck!






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