WEBTASTIC: Angelina Jolie Suffers a SERIOUS Makeup Malfunction on Red Carpet! (PICTURE)

Aren’t there TEAMS of people known as ‘glam squads’ that are supposed to make sure things like this do not happen?

Good news: This was most likely translucent powder so the naked eye can’t see it blotched all over her face. First thing I thought: “Uh Brad, help your wifey out a little. We know you want to look prettier but that’s just not right.”

Bad news: The camera could.

It’s ok Angie, we’ll let you slide this time. -@KelOnAir

Uh, Angie, you got a little something on your face… 😐 PHOTOS: http://t.co/qCSTA4W1sL #makeupmalfunction pic.twitter.com/EETegrasAO

— Radar Online (@radar_online) May 13, 2014

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