Lingerie Or Leave Him: Bubba Show HANGS Up On Matt….Why?

On Thursdays we do Lingerie or Leave him at 7:35.  This week we had Jane contact Bubba saying that her relationship of near 3 years seemed to be changing.  She thought her boyfriend Matt was becoming WAY too distant and felt that something was up.

So, I play NATALIE and call out her boyfriend to see if he wants to send some lingerie to his girlfriend.  Well, little did I know that Matt would ask 932 questions.  I tried to answer them to the best of my ability.   For example, Matt asks this one to me…. “Was my name just randomly generated?”

I had to think quick with Matt.  But, Bubba, Shelley and I end up QUICKLY hanging up on Matt.  Why?  You need to listen here:

Lingerie Or Leave Him

A happy ending or was he ON to her and was he setting her up?

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