Web Junk: Dronein Pizza



In Mumbai it is. Francesco’s Pizzaria is making it happen, and they are my hero.

Pizza is being delivered via drone! They’re working on it now. They had to take the drone out for a test flight.

I’ll take half a pie, side of ranch, and my life is made. This is so awesome. Pizza via drone. I apologize to all the pizza delivery drivers out there but I was one for two weeks and you know this is going to make life easier!

These drone babies cost $2K though. That would be so worth it! If you live over the mileage limit no worries we’ll drone that to you! Oh it’s 2 am you want a slice? No worries drone will be there in 5. This thing needs to drone on over to the USA! Pronto.

I’ll be searching the skies waiting if you need me… #DroneDeliversPizza ~ @ElistaB


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