Dear Scott Email: “I Take Thee To Be My Lawfully Wedded Prenup”

Dear Scott,

I got engaged a couple of months ago and am so excited about our wedding next summer. My fiancé works in his family’s very successful business. The issue of a prenup never came up until recently when his Mom and Dad actually sat me down to explain how important this was to them. I was shocked and couldn’t believe my fiancé didn’t fight them on it. I’m not marrying him for his or their money and am insulted by the inference. I don’t believe in prenups and wouldn’t if I had money. My fiancé says he has no choice in the matter as long as he works for them. Do I give in and choose a very comfortable lifestyle or do I insist my fiance grows a pair, leaves the business even if it means a more modest lifestyle?

What would you do?


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