Food Finds: Quesarito & An Extra Long Cheeseburger

We can’t forget June 6th is National Donut Day babaaaay! Who you finna try?!

There are some great spots in the Burgh to get your donut on for donut day! Peace, Love, & Little Donuts always smell mmmazzzing! Dunkin Donuts, and Krispy Kreme are giving away free donuts! WOO HOO!!!!

Remember when they had the donut burger at PNC Park?! We’re there live every #FreeShirtFriday trying all the new food that comes through, so when the donut burger came I had to give it a go and now I make my own!

They are the!

donut burger

Or celebrate with a donut pop!

Well Taco Bell continues to excite the world! I swear they are CONSTANTLY trending on Twitter here in the Burgh and it’s not wonder because the quesarito is here! YES a dang quesadilla wrapped around a burrito… the quesarito. However Chipotle has been doing this for years! Aww yeah secret menu item right there! Order it next time and it will blow your mind!

BK is expanding its’ menu with the extra long bbq cheeseburger!

This beast is the summer special featuring two burgers on a toasted hoagie roll with American cheese, deep friend onion rings lathered up in BBQ sauce! DAAAANG! Heart attack much? Actually the extra long cheeseburger is only 590 calories! Only right? I know but it is less calories than the Whopper which has a whopping 650 calories!

Well played fast food!

Top it all off with Margarita Pie Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

~ @ElistaB

BONUS! Trying this one for Grilled Cheese!


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