Let’s Talk… Wedding Box

First comes love then comes marriage, but not till you put your love letter in a box! Have you ever heard of the wine “wedding box’? No I’m not talking about boxed wine! Although I’m always game for that…


There are many variations to do it but when I was at a wedding over the weekend this is how the “wedding box” was presented…

The couple writes love letters to each other and then places them in a box with a bottle of wine. Nail the box shut during your ceremony and open it on your 10 year anniversary to remember how you felt on your wedding day. If you reeeeally need to open that box though because you’re going through a rough time, etc. OPEN IT!

This idea is so sweet!

We talked to listeners tonight who have heard of similar wedding box traditions. One was with multiple bottles of wine where guests put well wishes and advice letters in the bottles for them to open after 1, 5, 10, and 15 years. I like this because I’m impatient and would want to crack that box open!

Did you make a wedding box? Find more ideas here! Send us your pix! ~ @ElistaB


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