Lingerie Or Leave Him Makes John Cry To Shannon & Bubba Show

Poor Shannon. She gets completely floored with John. Of course, she does think that John is cheating because of how he had been acting and the fact he said he was going to be with certain friends one weekend and he WAS NOT! The friends confirmed he was not with them that whole weekend.

Well, she contacted Bubba ( to have me become NATALIE and try to get him to order lingerie and send it to his girlfriend.

Some of the things John says: “I can’t take this call here at work.” “I have to let you go, because I can’t take any personal calls here at work.” “I am at work and I have to go.” “Shannon this is what I get for lying to you.”

Is he cheating on Shannon or did he hide something HUGE from her?

Listen here!

Lingerie Or Leave Him

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