E-LIST: Top Shaving Struggles

Happy Summer! Ahh the smell of the grill, sound of concerts, and feel of prickly hair piercing your skin like the blooming rose vines. DAMN YOU HAIR! You have to shave or look like Smokey the bear. The shaving struggle is real. Unless of course you got that taken care of. Most of us still haven’t…

E-LIST: *Top Shaving Struggles

#7. Realizing you can’t hide under sweats anymore…

#6. You always run out of hot water or shaving cream!

#5. If the razor is older than 2 weeks you’ll most likely accidentally nick yourself… #KeepBleedingLove

#4. Two words: RAZOR BURN it’s impossible to avoid… so many bumps. Don’t even get me started on ingrown hairs. Little b’s.

#3. Razors and refills are so damn expensive… lemme follow my intuition & just not shave.

#2. You ALWAYS miss a spot!

#1. You have to be a gymnast or ninja to get the perfect shave… then it just grows right back!

This is why I just don’t. Okay some spots yes. You can’t be avoiding that! HAVE FUN MOWING THE LAWN! ~ @ElistaB


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