WEBTASTIC: Robin Thicke’s New Video For ‘Get Her Back’– BEYOND CREEPY! (VIDEO)

This is what we call rock bottom, friends.

Robin Thicke’s new video for his single ‘Get Her Back’ off the brand new album ‘Paula’ (I’m not kidding) is about as pathetic as this situation could possibly get.

Crazy thought but maybe Paula is a normal woman and wants to handle her failed relationship in privacy THAT’S WHY SHE’S NOT COMING BACK. Between the text messages, the skulls, and the weird theme to this video– it has been proven that Robin has officially fallen off his rocker.

Enough’s enough broseph. You are embarassing yourself. Now get up, quoft that glorious hair of yours, and call that girl you cheated on Paula with– I’m sure she will take you back. -@KelOnAir

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