WEBTASTIC: Will Smith Coming To Pittsburgh To Film Movie About Former Steeler!

‘Will Watch 2014′ starts NOW!

Will Smith is coming to Pittsburgh to film a new movie about former Pittsburgh Steelers’ center Mike Webster.

The movie is called ‘Game Brain’ and is based on a report by former Allegeheny County forensic pathologist, Bennet Omalu, who would examine the brains of recently deceased NFL players and link their injuries to mental illnesses’ post career (i.e. dementia, depression, etc).

Mr. Smith will star at Dr. Omalu in the film and Sony Pictures plans on starting shooting in the coming weeks.

This sounds like an incredibly interesting storyline, I can’t wait to learn more. This has been a very controversial social conversation and I think they picked the perfect guy to take it on. Welcome to Pittsburgh Will! -@KelOnAir

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