WEBTASTIC: Leaked Britney Spears’ Audio Without Autotune! YIKES!

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(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kelly Kelly
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WOWZA. What happened to Brit?!

This leaked audio is a single from the singer’s 2013 album, Britney Jean. In the clip, you hear Britney’s raw audio and then with autotune added to her voice.

I knew that she was struggling a little to keep up with the vocals in her fast-paced Vegas show but there is no excuse to sound this bad when your sitting on a stool in a studio.

Why can’t these pop stars just realize when they’re time is up and use those millions they earned to buy an island and just go relax? You’re not fooling anyone anymore Brit, we love you but your time’s up. What do you think!? -@KelOnAir

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