WEBTASTIC: Pilot Orders Pizza For Flight While Delayed By Storm! AWESOME! (PICTURE)

Pilot Orders Pizza For Entire Flight While Severely Delayed By Storm http://t.co/uHBxCUqgLj pic.twitter.com/bm49JiBnqd

— BuzzFeed(@BuzzFeed) July 9, 2014

Have no fear, PIZZA IS HERE!

I have never flown Frontier Airlines but if I ever have the opportunity, I will now!

A pilot ordered pizzas for to feed everyone in his plane when it got delayed due to a severe storm. The flight started in D.C. and was headed for Denver when the plane had to land in Cheyenne, Wyoming because of weather. The flight was delayed there for 2 hours and all of the food on board the plane was gone.

It took 36 pizzas to feed the 160 people on board, every row got it’s own pizza! Way to go Frontier, you and I solve problems the same way 😉 -@KelOnAir

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