WEBTASTIC: Kid Gets Most Epic Celebrity Selfie EVER! (PICTURE)

The caption ‘chillin with my homies’ really puts the cherry on top.

Tom White was just hanging out in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska when he got word that Paul McCartney was grabbing ice cream in town (with his buddy Warren Buffet, duh).

So naturally, Tom and his friends went home to collect some things the legends could sign for them.

When Paul’s bodyguard said he wouldn’t be signing anything (or shaking hands– which is weird) but they could take pictures, they took the opportunity to grab one of the most celebrity selfies to ever happen.

I love how they are just casually sitting on a bench like they AREN’T some of the most rich and famous men on the planet. Celebrities– they’re just like us!😉 -@KelOnAir

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