WEBTASTIC: Make-A-Wish Child, Matthew Beichner, Joins Buccos For A Day! AWESOME! (PICTURES)

Matthew Beichner is a HUGE Pirates fan and his favorite player just so happens to be MVP Andrew McCutchen.

He is also a Make-A-Wish child who is currently suffering from Germinoma and his wish was to meet Andrew and he a part of his team for a day. The wonderful people at the Pirates organization put together an awesome day for Matt as he signed his ‘one-day contract’ and joined the team he knows and loves so much.

Matthew, your spirit is infectious and your bravery inspires us all. I hope you had a great day! You deserve every moment. – Kelly

Below are some pictures of his day as a Pittsburgh Pirate! GO MATTHEW!!

my new buddy Matt wanted to have lunch in cftoday. I could get used to this! @MakeAWishPAWV @WishColorado pic.twitter.com/YboY90AcKA

— andrewmccutchen(@TheCUTCH22) July 22, 2014

The Pirates sign Matthew to a one-day contract! Welcome to the Bucs! #MakeAWish @MakeAWishPAWV pic.twitter.com/4rbzsfM4RZ

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) July 22, 2014

Matthew meets his manager Clint Hurdle. #MakeAWish pic.twitter.com/ycX0EeSAvy

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) July 22, 2014

Locker between two All Stars @TheCUTCH22 and @jhay_da_man. #MakeAWish pic.twitter.com/4X8HIk474I

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) July 22, 2014

BuccosBP here at PNC. #LetsGoBucs pic.twitter.com/udu9Umljxg

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) July 22, 2014

Matthew tosses tonight's first pitch to Cutch. #MakeAWish https://t.co/uWykaRG4tu

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) July 22, 2014

Matthew wishes his teammates good luck as they take the field. #MakeAWish https://t.co/iOYKjrkiPu

— Pittsburgh Pirates (@Pirates) July 22, 2014

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