WEBTASTIC: Inseparable Couple Of 62 Years Die Hours Apart, True Love Story (VIDEO)

What an incredible testament to love and loyalty.

Don and Maxine Simpson were inseparable for 62 years of marriage. Head over heels in love, they had a beautiful life together. A few weeks ago, Don slipped and broke his hip. His wife Maxine had also been diagnosed with Cancer a while back and at the same time, it started to progress.

Their family wanted to keep them together, moving their beds both into the same room so they could lay next to each other until the very end. Maxine passed away with her family with her and when they wheeled her body out of the room they had been sharing, they returned to find Don had slipped away as well. The couple died within 4 hours of each other.

It is very rare to find love so true– here on Earth and after. I wish this family my deepest condolences but hope they find solace knowing that their gorgeous grandparents will now never be apart. -@KelOnAir

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