WEBTASTIC: Man Spends $50,000 To Look Like A Ken Doll! (VIDEO)

I introduce to you, Celso Santebanes. He has spent $50,000 to look like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.

Celso is a 20-year old Brazilian model who is a self-admitted ‘mirror addict’ and plans on having more surgeries to look just like Ken! He has always had a love for the figurine saying he is the perfect man and after multiple doll companies caught word of his EXPENSIVE efforts, they gave him a doll as well (pictured above).

Celso is visiting Los Angeles next month to launch ‘Celso Doll’ and calls it ‘an absolute dream come true’.

DOES ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS FREAKISHLY WEIRD?!?! Those dolls were made out of imagination, never meant to be an actual person! Ken is NOT the perfect man– despite having that really cool car and taking Barbie on all those great vacations *cough* jealous *cough*.

Now that Celso has his own doll and knows he can get rewarded for wasting all that money, I can only imagine what’s coming next. Stay tuned but for now, here’s to you Celso– and your plastic face:) -@KelOnAir


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