WEBTASTIC: Pittsburgh Legend Lynn Swann Takes On #IceBucketChallenge! (VIDEO)

I’m going to come out and say this right now– I have a huge crush on Lynn Swann.

I have gotten the chance to meet him once before while I hosted the Pittsburgh Power games this past season. HE IS A DAMN GOOD LOOKING MAN– and so nice to boot. Ok, I’m done. *cough* I LOVE YOU LYNN! *cough*

c He did so with class and grace, the way he does everything, and then nominated some pretty big names to follow it up. Tommy Grady, Troy Polamalu, AND Matt Lauer? Lofty goals there Lynn. This should be fun! Can’t wait to see their response videos.

I also just read that the ALS Association’s donations have risen by 1000% since the beginning of this viral trend. Let’s keep it going to spread awareness! -@KelOnAir

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