WEBTASTIC: Another Human Barbie! Wait, She’s Only 16?! (PICTURE HERE)

This makes my heart hurt. Truly. To think that ANYONE is delusional enough to think this is what beauty or perfection looks like.

Meet Lolita Richi. She is the most recent woman to come out looking almost IDENTICAL to Barbie.

Let us not forget– BARBIE IS A DOLL. NOT A REAL PERSON NOR WAS SHE EVER INTENDED TO BE. Ok, glad we established that.

Lolita is from Kiev, Ukraine & claims that she got those bodacious curves ALL NATURALLY. Yep, you read that right. She has come out publically making some serious burns at her competition (other women who are equally as delusional to think that they are the ‘human Barbie’) saying she didn’t get help from plastic surgery, dieting, OR Photoshop.

I call shenanigans on all of this– people are not born with a 20-inch waist and boobs the size of watermelons. ESPECIALLY not 16-year olds?! Has this girl hit puberty yet because if not her back is about to hurt for the rest of her life!

I want to know what YOU think– could this chick be legit about not having anything modified or not? -@KelOnAir


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