Bubba Show Lingerie Or Leave Him… We Leave Nick More Confused Than He Already Is

So, Lingerie or Leave Him is back and you can contact Bubba if you feel your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating. bubba@starpittsburgh.com

Today Nick and Julie are our couple. Julie said she just felt that Nick was cheating. He has been gone longer than normal and been going out to bars a lot more after work and not coming home right away. So, Julie contacted Bubba.

Well, Nick was very very confused. More confused than we could even imagine.

Some of the things Nick says: “I didn’t buy any lingerie, sorry.” “I don’t understand, you think I bought lingerie.” “I’m not interested in buying lingerie.” “Is this some sort of thing where you are trying to get me to do another credit card?”

Listen here.

Lingerie Or Leave Him

Do you now understand what we mean about Nick being confused?

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