WEBTASTIC: Mom Catches Son Getting Frisky, Bakes Girlfriend Personalized Cake! #MORTIFIED (PICTURE)

I would have been MORTIFIED.

One mother with a very good sense of humor made this personalized cake for his son’s girlfriend after she walked in on the two doing the chitty-chitty bang-bang. Well, according to the cake, they weren’t quite there YET but I imagine that’s the road they were travelling.

I love how she handled this potentially VERY awkward situation– hooking up in your parents home is a skill that not many can master so when you are inevitably caught, it can be the worst moment of your life.

Parents are not new to the game of sex– after all, how do you think you were made?😉 (SORRY FOR THE VISUAL!!)

For this mom to calm the situation down with this hilarious cake was perfect– and the reassuring message at the bottom of it lets this chick know that she’s still Mama-approved, which after all, is the most important thing!😉 -@KelOnAir

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