EList: Signs You’re In A Relationship With Your Dog

We ALL love our dog but some of us are just a little more serious than others…
Pretty sure my best friend is dating her boyfriend’s dog more than her boyfriend.

Here are the signs that you juuust might be in a relationship with your dog ( no one else)

E-LIST: *Signs you’re in a relationship w/ your dog

#7. You tell your dog all your problems

#6. You use your dog as an excuse to stay at home or get in early

#5. You have dog play dates

#4. You spoon with your dog more than anyone else then you’ll lay in bed all day with your dog

#3. You don’t stay mad at your dog.. you get over it cause you love them

#2. You do anything in front of your dog because you’re comfortable with them

#1. You have an entire album on your phone of just your dog, or it’s their the background on your phone. SO yeah I might have one of those titled “Lucy” … Hug your dog today it’s National Dog Day! ~ @ElistaB

But it’s okay because your dog is the best relationship you have!


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